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Kemetco provides laboratory analysis and testing, field work,bench scale studies, pilot plant investigations,consulting services, applied research and development and intellectual property management.Kemetco is very pleased to be part of this green technology process and hopes to continue its cooperation with PRT’s business plan implementation and growth. Kemetco Website

Kemetco Company, Research and Testing Labs

In 2009 and 2010 our Recyclopol ™ products were validated by several independent laboratories, confirming Recyclopol ™’s chemical similarity to virgin polyol in terms of product density, resilience and reaction profile.
Third-party testing commissioned by The Canadian Standards Association was performed by Onspex Laboratory (Clevelanc, Ohio) and Exova Laboratory (Montreal, Quebec), which validated both Recyclopol ™’s high quality at the University of British Columbia.

Noram, Engineering Department