Industry Definition

Approximately 10 million tonnes of polyurethane based material are produces globally, with approximately 4.8 million tonnes produces in North America. Polyol is a key component in the manufacturer of polyurethane foam, which is used in a wide range of products including construction materials, automobile parts, furniture, packaging, textiles, footwear and adhesives. In North America approximately 2.8 million tonnes per year of polyurethane foam reaches the end of its useful life and is disposed of in landfills or through incineration resulting in significant cost and negative environmental impacts.

PRT’s technology solution has been well received by the polyurethane industry because it provides a solution to waste disposal while generating a lower price, recycled polyol product.

Polymer Research Technologies (PRT) has developed an innovative proprietary technology that covers waste polyurethane foam into high quality polyol. The Technology uses an establish chemical process to recycle polyurethane scrap foam into s series of polyol-substitute products. The polyol produces from PRT’s process, Recyclable is virtually indistinguishable from virign polyol made from petroleum, making it a viable substitute product for use in polyurethane manufacturing.